Celebrating beauty, creativity, and inspirational Muslims

Instead of just one website, we’ve created a collective of unique online platforms, because we know that Muslims are diverse, with diverse interests. We were inspired to cater for those unique interests by providing spaces online that allow you to explore what you really care about, all with an Islamic vibe.

Since the early days, Creative Ummah has grown into a positive online platform showcasing and celebrating the achievements and creativity of Muslims from all over the world.

Also part of the Gould.Community family are these sites, all founded by Peter and run by excellent and inspiring editors:

  • Muslim Gift Guide: your go-to for Muslim-friendly gifts, with Sobia Hussain the lead editor.
  • Muslim Kids Guide: helping parents nurture creative, confident, and happy young Muslims, with the lead editorial duo Razeena Gutta and Faaiza Osman.
  • Muslimy: a free app that captures fresh Islamic content and and creative inspiration from everywhere, all in one place. Curated daily by Rhoda Combrinck.
  • Islam Imagined : hands-on activities for kids and students to introduce design concepts, activities and forward-thinking tech while connected with Islamic concepts & history.

Muslims all over the world are, quite simply, pretty awesome and doing brilliant things. Our family of Gould.Community sites are driven by one vision: to celebrate all that is positive, inspiring, and meaningful being created and achieved by Muslims.

Our mission is to bring together all the cool things that are happening around the Muslim world and share them with you. We hope you find what you’re looking for or discover something you didn’t know, along with lots of inspiration!

One of the first Gould.Community sites was Creative Ummah. The founder, Peter Gould, was inspired by Khadija Annette and the Creativity and the Spiritual Path events which brought together leading creatives. Peter realised that this point of connection was missing online, leading to the creation of Creative Ummah.

The concept was further developed with the help of Reuben Brand, the co-founder and first editor of Creative Ummah. Starting off as an e-learning platform, Creative Ummah benefitted from strategic development with Syed Ahmed who we saw as our startup coach. Irfan Khairi also played a large role as Creative Ummah’s international consultant. (Thanks guys!)

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